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At Flightcase Warehouse we’re proud to service brands in the audio-visual, lighting, sound and production industries and as such understand the requirement to work with many different types of technologies on a daily basis. Whether it’s to design and manufacture the actual equipment retailed or to manage internal communications such as schedules, client accounts and sales events, keeping things running smoothly, quickly and efficiently gives businesses a competitive advantage and greater stability.

That’s why we were so interested to recently read an announcement from AV and networking giants LG Professional Displays and Cisco Systems sharing a significant new development between the two companies. LG will integrate with Cisco for more reliable video conferencing, specifically in corporate meeting rooms.

Six models of LG Ultra HD displays and twenty models of Full HD displays are now fully compatible with the Cisco Room Kit, Room Kit Plus and Cisco SX series allowing employees stationed across the globe to communicate effectively without the worry of poor image or sound quality. This makes for the enhanced sharing of information, collaboration and thus productivity and connectivity across all areas of business, helping to save time, money and resource.

A Cisco spokesperson has said of the news, “As work habits evolved, businesses developed a critical need to communicate and share effectively. The integration of six LG models with Cisco Room Kit and Cisco Room Kit Plus can deliver turnkey video conferencing solutions with the highest visual performance”.

Integrating systems – where possible – can change businesses for the better and we recommend checking out the integration options your current technology suppliers may offer. We’re expecting to see more big and emerging brands launch partnerships with one another and start creating software and hardware that is specifically designed to seamlessly communicate or fit together.

With the emergence and widespread popularity of APIs which make professional, and sometimes personal tasks, significantly quicker and easier, we feel that integration is likely to be a huge focus for brands that rely on technology or digital that can be held in the hand too. We hope to see more businesses in audio-visual pairing up with brands from different sectors in innovative ways in the future – whether it’s to enhance design, communications or to reach new customer bases – and will be keeping a close eye on industry movements to ensure we’re bang up to speed with our clients’ needs.

It’s not just digital technologies that are important to audio-visual, lighting, sound and production brands though – protecting that valuable equipment is equally essential when it comes to guaranteeing maximum performance. At Flightcase Warehouse we design and manufacture gold-standard protective kit – from heavy duty road trunks to our very own multifunctional integrated flight cases – and are specialists in the entertainment and communications industries. Too find out how we could help you get the most from your kit, from off the shelf to bespoke solutions, please email or call +44 (0) 1827 60009.


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